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We are one of the leading companies in this field and specialize in detecting water leaks, repairing water leaks and damage and repairing them in a non-destructive, safe, quality and professional manner. We were the first to provide such services on the Costa del Sol in Spain.


Over 25 years of operation, the company has eliminated over 5,000,000 hidden water leaks. Through our detection method, we save huge amounts of money for home and business owners by avoiding costly plumbing repairs.


Detect, locate and track all types of leaks:

Automated irrigation systems.American Leaks Detections focuses on the use of electronic equipment and good training technique for locating hidden water leaks.Leaks are more common in older properties, but may also have problems recent buildings. Poor construction, ground movement or oxidation can cause damage to the pipes at any time.

American Leaks Detections, is at your service, identifying the problem and getting thereby reduce the economic costs and avoid future repairs and damage to property and promoting responsible water consumption thereby contributing to environmental care.

Why you should contact us

Cost Effectiveness

At American Leaks Detections, we dont want you to waste time or money, thats why we provide quality work and affordable prices


We always arrive on time and complete the work within the specified time

Cleanliness of work

We treat clients and their property with great respect, leaving the premises clean after work is completed

Exclusive approach

Our specialists use modern technology to determine the location of a water leak


Many years of experience, constantly applied in practice, allows us to eliminate leaks using non-invasive methods

The right solution to the problem

Our specialists do not only detect water leakage, but also repair the pipeline with a guarantee


We carry out measurements without wasting time. We save our time and yours

Peace of Mind

Hiring our leak detection experts means, in addition of receiving quality work, you also get a peace of mind, knowing the leak will be located quickly and effectively

Technical means


The noise generated by the leak is heard directly on the ground in an electro-acoustic way. By inspecting at different frequencies of sound we can evaluate the points of greatest underground acoustic activity and successfully locate water leaks that produce high vibration of the pipe at the point of escape.

Tracer gas

In order to locate small leaks in house pipes, an effective and conclusive tool is tracer gas. By injecting this gas into the pipes, the entire installation can be traced looking for the presence of this gas particles and determining the point with the highest percentage with the detector.

Micro camera

With our micro pipe inspection camera, especially designed for swimming pools and small water pipes, we achieve a detailed inspection of the condition of your pipes, it helps us to find water leaks and also to identify future problems that may arise and solve them before they become big problems.

Probe localization

Our state-of-the-art probe locating machine allows us to accurately mark the pipeline path at various depths, without zeroes or false peaks that complicate locating. This tool allows us to drastically reduce excavation / construction time by avoiding blindly searching where the water tubes pass.


Thermography is a technique that allows to determine temperatures from a distance and without the need off physical contact with the object to be studied. Thermography makes it possible to capture infrared radiation from the electromagnetic spectrum, using thermal or thermovision cameras to visualize thermal differences and determine humid areas.

Repair with a guarantee

Earthworks, welding works, tiling (marble) works, underwater repairs, replacement of all types of piping and assemblies, repair of leaking structural cracks in the foundation in the pool, Jacuzziwater storage, spa.

Bucket test

Think you have a leak in your pool? Try this simple bucket test to check and then call our leak detection specialists for reliable leak detection services.

How we are working


Leave a request on the site or call the number  and the operator will select a repair specialist for you

Departure of a specialist

At the time you choose, an “AMERICAN LEAKS DETECTIONS” specialist will come to you and make a diagnosis to draw up an estimate of the work.

Execution of work

After agreeing on the cost, the specialist will perform all the necessary work

Acceptance of works

After completing the work, the specialist will provide you with a check and a free warranty card for a period of 1 year

Why leaks appear and why they are dangerous

The danger of leaks is not to be underestimated. Here are some of the consequences:

• Damage to wall and floor coverings — swelling, deformation appear, mold fungus is actively developing in the humid coastal regions of Spain. It is dangerous for people and pets, causes allergies. • Doors and windows deteriorate: frames, jambs, lintels. There are security problems, because you can not normally open or close the door or window.

•Furniture and household appliances may be damaged.

•There is a risk of a short circuit, which is fraught with electric shock or fire.

There are many reasons for leaks. Quite common: initially incorrect layout, as well as any other nuances. There may be others, including:

•  Corrosion of pipes — it occurs as a result of long-term operation, as well as if a poor-quality pipeline was originally installed.

•  Connection defects, improper installation of elements of the water supply system.

•  Mechanical damage.

To protect yourself and your property — you can contact the company «AMERICAN LEAKS DETECTIONS» and our experts will help solve all the problems associated with water leaks.


Our company constantly monitors the quality of the services provided. Therefore, our clients always leave positive feedback about the work performed. You can find out more about them below.

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